Simulated Technologies was founded in 1997 by David DiGregorio. It started out as a pet-project that was used to do small work on the side. However, as the years went by, David combined his efforts with other professionals in the field to form what is currently Simulated Technologies. What was a collection of freelancers is now a winning combination of talents from across the board.

Our basic philosophy is:

  • Every company should have a website
  • Every company should be able to afford a website
  • Getting a website, should be easy!

    SimTech, as it is affectionately abbreviated, has become an almost end-to-end provider of Internet services. SimTech is now not only capable of web design but also domain name securing, web hosting, statistical analysis, marketing, custom graphic design as well as custom programming in Cold Fusion and ASP.

    What does the future hold for Simulated Technologies? With our main location based on Long Island, we remain serving the small businesses of Long Island no matter their Internet needs. We have recently expanded into the Boston area as well as Rochester, NY and Hoboken, New Jersey. We have also recently done a complete upgrade of all our equipment in order to insure that we are truly on the leading edge of technology.

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