The following is a showcase of some of Simulated Technology's finest works. Feel free to click on the thumbnails to visit the actual site.

Jelly Bean Entertainment

Jelly Bean Entertainment is Long Island's premiere children's entertainment company! Jelly Bean delivers first class parties with clowns, entertainers, music, dancing and more! They also offer extras like candy carts, cotton candy, moon bounces and face painting! The site offers basic information about the company as well as a way to contact them.
Contour Mortgage

This is the corporate website of Contour Mortgage. The site details information about Contour services including mortgages, refinancing, biweekly programs, home improvement loans and much more. The site uses CSS and showcases a Cold Fusion online mortgage application.
Pacific Restaurant

This is a site mock-up for a Boston restaurant called "Pacific". Site features a unique look along with information about the restaurant's features. Also included are restaurant reviews and award information as well as an online reservation form.
JenLin Fashions

JenLin Fashions is the premier supplier of "Fancy Hats" for the southern woman of this fine nation. This website included a sample catalog of "Fancy Hats", samples of lingerie and other items as well as various information about the company and means for contact. JenLin Fashions is a wholesale provider of clothing dealing exclusivly with retail outlets and distributors.
The Ultimate Chatlist

Attention fellow chat fans!!! You gotta check out THE ULTIMATE CHATLIST! On the site you will find, 172 BBS Listings, Over 1000 Web Chat Links, Chat Programs to Download for Windows 95, 18 "Chatagories" to Suit Everyone's Chat Needs, Lists of Popular Chat Acronyms, Lists of Popular Chat Smilies and What They Mean! :-) A Lovely Interface and FREE CHAT!
Super Seinfeld

Super Seinfeld, is an easy to navigate content rich site totally devoted to everyone's favorite comedy, Seinfeld! Site includes Sounds, Movies, Pictures, Episode Guide, Scripts, Stand-up, Chat room, forums and more! Even order Seinfeld books! This multi-award winning site is a MUST visit for all Seinfeld fans.
Amazing Games

Amazing Games, a handy site for the serious gamer. Site includes many games available for download for both PC's and Mac's. Also, there are utilities and codes available for download as well as a great variety of game links.
Pearls Online

Pearls Online, Original Custom Creations! They specialize is custom creations created with only the finest pearls this side of the internet! The entire site will include online forms and catalogues also! Nice stuff!
Webtools for Webmasters

Webtools for Webmasters, is a multi-platform software site that includes everything you would need to create an attractive looking web site. HTML editors, Java applications, graphic programs, telnet tools, FTP tools and more! Collections of software for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh.
Senior Directory 2000

This site is the Senior Directory of Syosset High School's graduating class of 2000. It was used in conjunction with print media to produce a directory of all the students and where they were going to school. The website utilized Cold Fusion technology in order to do dynamic counts of survey answers as well as statistical data for the administration. For privacy reasons this site is not publically available.

PEZabase is a Cold Fusioned online dynamic database cataloging Dave's collection of PEZ Dispensors. Along with a dynamic search engine and fully functional administration system the site also does statistical counts for inventory purposes and produces forms for review.
Dave's Fortress of Solitude

This is simply Dave's personal webpage. It showcases javascript, cold fusion as well as a multitude of other internet technologies. This is also Dave's test ground for new work and ideas.

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